How to eliminate your customers’ fears

On this episode of the Saturday Morning Sales Meeting, David Lewis of David Lewis and Associates, talks about understanding and eliminating your customers’ fears in order to help you earn the sale on today’s Saturday Morning Sales Meeting.


David Lewis:
Welcome to today’s Saturday morning sales meeting here on the CBT Automotive Network. I’m David Lewis and today I want to talk to you about the biggest challenge you have and how to overcome it. And that challenge is fear, not our fears, but the customer’s fears. To have a great day you must first understand your customers and their thoughts. Once you have done this, you are closer to building that relationship that will create a sale. There are many fears that customers bring with them when they come to a car dealership. They fear being pressured to buy something today. They fear they will not get a good deal. They fear they won’t get enough for their trade. All of these are natural fears that can keep them from buying a car from you today. So what is the main priority of your mission today with the customers you speak with?

Well, that is to remove their fears so you can sell them a car. First off you must accept the fact that some customers have a reason to be afraid. They may have been mistreated by a salesperson or manager in the past, and their defensive posture is justified. Some of them been told by family and friends that your only goal is to sell them a car today, no matter what it takes. If this is what they already expect, let me ask you this question. Are you prepared to be different and unique from what they expect you to be? If you are, that is the first step to removing their fears and earning their business today. What is the most important thing that you have to offer? Well, it’s yourself. You see, you have to be unique and genuine and have a desire to help them find what they’re looking for.

You know that the best way to accomplish your goal to sell them a car today, is to help them accomplish their goal of buying the car they want. This makes perfect sense. And if you’re committed to doing your part, your attitude will come across that way and help reduce their fears. Consider these two obvious facts. You are a professional or you wouldn’t be here and your customers are buyers, or they wouldn’t be here. With that to go on all you need to do is focus your efforts on removing the customer’s fears and putting your inspirational and unique personality to work. There are three things your customers are looking for today. The right vehicle, the right salesperson and the right dealership. Sure, the money is important, but these three other things clearly overrule the money. If you have those three things and know how to properly present them to your customers, there is a good chance they will buy a car from you today, but you must avoid making them feel that doing this is your only goal.

Now, of course you want to sell them a car today, but if they buy the car tomorrow, will that shipwreck your whole career? I don’t think so, but if you think so, you will apply pressure to do so and justify the fears they already have. So focus on listening rather than talking, let them know you understand and appreciate their right to shop before making a buying decision. Use unique verbiage that is respectful and inspiring to your customers, making them feel important and special. Don’t rush them or try to pressure them in any way with trial closes or other tactics. This is what they expect. And will only increase their level of fear.

Avoid focusing on price and payment and instead focus on helping them find the car they’re looking for and inspiring them to want to do business with you. Do these things and you’ll have a great day today. And don’t forget, once you have done all that, make sure you ask the customer for the sale when the time comes with those seven simple words, “Mr. and Mrs. Customer, would you like to buy the car?” And guess what? You’ll have a great day today.

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