Sean Gardner on Converting Both Digital Leads and Unsold Customers

Sean Gardner

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are more digital opportunities for dealers and customers than ever before. Car buyers want to get as much of the shopping experience and transaction process done at home before they head to the dealership. In order to capitalize on these digital opportunities, Sean Gardner, instructor and trainer for the Joe Verde Group, says salespeople need to have the right skills and processes to sell the customer a car however they want to buy it.

While Sean concedes that digital leads are hot right now, he believes that if dealers go to the trouble of putting those processes and systems in place, then they should also focus on the unsold customers as well. When it comes to training the salespeople on how to tackle these leads, dealers need to focus on how to properly and professionally handle price. Having the right attitude is crucial right now as well. Energy, excitement, and enthusiasm sell cars at the end of the day.

“Can you deliver a car and never see the customer? Of course you can! But this isn’t about how you can sell a car,” says Sean. “This is about how to sell more cars, with higher grosses, with better CSI, than you’re selling now. And you’ll always sell more cars if we focus on building rapport.”

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