ReconVelocity EVP Kalah McCoy discusses why recon software is essential for your dealership


After the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the used-car market took off. This has created a challenge for dealers looking to get vehicles through the recon process as fast and efficient as possible. Today on CBT News, anchor Bridget Fitzpatrick is joined by ReconVelocity‘s Executive VP Kalah McCoy. ReconVelocity streamlines automotive recon processes, giving dealers total transparency.

McCoy opens the conversation by talking about how the reconditioning process has come to the forefront as dealerships continue to have record months selling used-vehicles. McCoy says the downtime caused by the pandemic has allowed ReconVelocity to look internally to see where they could become more efficient.

McCoy then elaborates on the ReconVelocity process, discussing what happens once a dealership gains possession of a vehicle. She then explains how the software helps bring fixable problems to life. The software helps dealerships understand an accurate time frame for the recon process, helping dealers save time, energy, money, and effort.

ReconVelocity has been very fortunate to continue growing during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to McCoy.

“Even with everything that’s happening, we’ve been a company so fortunate to not have to lay anyone off, we haven’t furloughed any employees, we’ve only been growing,” said McCoy. “We’ve doubled our technology team the past 90 days, we’re working on some new products for the end of the year and NADA. We’ve got over 500 dealers on the software, processed over a million vehicles through the recon process. So the numbers are looking good, the buying from the dealerships have been great.”

McCoy concludes the conversation by discussing how simple the setup takes for getting the ReconVelocity software installed in dealerships. Usually, the process only takes about two or three days. She discusses the exciting partnership ReconVelocity has recently developed with Sonic Automotive and the process of getting the major retailer setup with the new recon software.

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