Paul Potratz on Creating the Right Messaging Behind Your Facebook Ads

Paul Potratz

If your dealership is not using Facebook as part of its marketing strategy, then it should be. The social media platform has become more than just a place to catch up with old friends. It is now a powerhouse of advertising tools and resources. Paul Potratz, Owner of Potratz Partners Advertising joins us to discuss Facebook and how to best use it for your business.

From Paul’s perspective, dealerships that have not seen the ROIs they expected from Facebook advertising are likely taking the wrong approach. Many businesses advertise on Facebook the same way they would advertise on radio or TV; by just making announcements. Facebook is designed to create conversations. By giving consumers to option to message your dealership directly through Facebook, you have opened a unique line of communication.

To entice more consumers to start a dialogue through Facebook, the messaging behind the ad’s call to action has to be correct. Paul recommends avoiding the mention of a specific car or a specific price. Talk in general terms and paint a visual picture for the customer.

Once the customer starts that dialogue, make sure to have the staff infrastructure in place to field and respond to those messages. Responses don’t necessarily need to be instantaneous, but once the conversation has begun, so has the sale. To hear more insight and advice from Paul, be sure to watch our entire interview above.

Paul Potratz founded Potratz Partners Advertising in 2003. Since then, his agency has been helping clients like Lexus, Toyota, and Boeing Aerospace revamp their marketing and advertising strategies to increase profitability. Now with over 50 employees, Potratz Partners serves hundreds of clients in the U.S., Canada, and Denmark. Paul is also a former radio host and contributor for

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