Knowing Your Products Inside and Out


If you want to sell more products, you have to be knowledgable of the product. On today’s Tip of the Day, Becky Chernek explains why you must give a solid presentation and be able to sell your product confidently.


Becky Chernek: Welcome to the tip of the day on CBT. I’m Becky Chernek. Now, if you want to sell more products, you got to know more about the product. Your menu presentation must be rock solid. Go in with confidence. Know your products inside and out. What are the features and benefits of your products? Write them all down. Highlight all the key points you want to share with the customer. What will drive the point home the most? Take out your product form and open it up and check out all the coverages and limitations.

Becky Chernek: So for an example, if you’re offering a tire and wheel policy, what are the exclusions? What will it cover? What it doesn’t cover? Same thing for that service contract. You got to understand all the features and benefits, including limitations. You never want to tell your customer everything is covered when it’s not. Know your products inside and out and rest assured you’ll be selling more too.