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Is hiring back on the rise for automotive retail professionals? – Adam Robinson, Hireology

Today on CBT News, Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Adam Robinson, CEO and Co-Founder of Hireology. The company specializes in transcendent hiring software that transforms the recruiting process, finding candidates that fit perfectly in the culture of the organization. Robinson joins the show to discuss the best hiring practices dealers can make when trying to assemble a strong team.

Robinson begins the conversation by looking back at 2020 in automotive and how it was unlike anything seen in the past. He says that many dealers are trying to bottle up success and see how they can mold it into the business strategy of 2021. Robinson says that hiring has come roaring back after many employees were laid off throughout the pandemic. The number of job openings across retail automotive has surpassed 25,000 positions. 

Robinson then dives into how retail automotive is benefiting because of struggles in other industries. He says that many new applicants in retail automotive have backgrounds in hospitality or other service industries. 40% of unemployment in the United States is linked to the hospitality and service sector. Robinson says this gives dealers an opportunity to dig into this industry and find talent that has experience in customer service. 

Women in the industry have often found it difficult to balance work and family, as many single mothers aren’t given the support they need. According to the NADA Dealership Workforce Study, women in the industry turn over 90% annually. Robinson says the new model of accommodation to employee schedules actually helps customer retention. Sales teams that are more rested from time off bring positive energy to the dealership, which is then reflected in customer interactions.

Robinson ends the conversation by discussing how Hireology has been improving the hiring experience for dealers. The team at Hireology is specifically focused on the automotive industry. He says that he and his team have seen a shift in the way dealers are managing hiring, offering better salaries, better benefits, and more flexible schedules.

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