A Statement from NADA on the Coronavirus


Dealers across the United States are caught in the midst of one of the most fluid scenarios they may ever face. The disease caused by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has spread far and fast. It’s made travel between countries virtually impossible and been the cause of widespread panic and stockpiling. 

At troubling times like these, we look to those with a view of the larger picture to provide insight. For the American auto industry, that’s the National Automobile Dealers Association or NADA.

NADA’s Vice President of Communications, Jared Allen, has issued the following statement:

“With regard to store operations, we are encouraging all dealers to stay informed, be prepared, and adjust operations as needed. This includes cleaning and sanitation as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and local health authorities. 

“NADA has created a web page – nada.org/coronavirus/resources – for all dealers so they can get current information on the outbreak, and stay up to speed on health and safety recommendations from the federal government. There are also links to the health departments in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, which is important given that appropriate responses may vary by locality.

“With regard to sales, we are obviously monitoring the situation closely and keeping in regular contact with dealers across the country. As of last week, most dealers were not reporting reductions in sales, service or foot traffic. We understand this may change on a weekly or daily basis, which is why we are aiming to conduct weekly surveys of conditions on the ground throughout the country.”

A comprehensive list of resources for dealers to answer common questions regarding both health and business can be found at the above link on the NADA site. 

According to the NADA.org homepage, NADA has followed CDC guidelines and suspended all classes and graduations for their own programs including Academy, Seminars, and Professional Series. They expect to resume classes on April 13.