Campaigns Generating Conversions Sell More Cars


Today’s Tip of The Day comes from Brian Pasch as he talks about how to get the most out of your website so your campaigns generate a higher rate of conversions.


Hi, this is Brian Pasch, and here’s your CBT News tip of the day. Most dealers have chat on their website, but unfortunately, most do not have a working chat completion goal in Google Analytics. Why is that important? Well, remember most dealers who are using Google AdWords are tracking phone calls and lead forms, but consumers more and more are using messaging platforms and chat platforms to engage with the dealer.

So if you’re spending money from Google AdWords or Facebook and driving them to your website, and people are converting, shouldn’t your Facebook and AdWords campaigns know that? Well, you can do that today using chat companies that support the PCG specification for Google Analytics. Look for the events that are being thrown into Google Analytics and create a working goal, and then ask your AdWords provider to import the chat conversion goal, so you can have a better picture of which campaigns are generating conversions to help you sell more cars in a digital age.

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