Retargeting for a Bigger Impact


Why is your dealership choosing to retarget people who have visited your website for two seconds? Brian explains how retargeting serious inquiries with banner ads make a bigger impact.


Most dealers watching today’s show utilize retargeting on their websites. That is, when a consumer comes to the dealer’s website, you will follow them with a banner or a video, but one of the mistakes that most dealers make is they’re retargeting everyone who visited their website, not just the ones who are an engaged shopper.

I think this is a mistake. Why would you re-target someone who came to your home page, stayed two seconds, and left? You have no idea if that was a serious shopper. Through Google Analytics, you can set up event-based tracking of what consumers do on your website, create a custom audience of the people who are highly engaged, and give that audience to AdWords agency for retargeting aged shopper to sell more cars in a digital age.

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