How to Maintain a Close Relationship with Loyal Customers

loyal customers

In today’s Tip of the Day, David Kain gives you some tips on how to maintain a close relationship with loyal customers.


Hello. I’m David Kain here with the Sales Tip of the Day. I want to talk to automotive sales professionals about your career and how you maintain a good, close relationship with the people who have been loyal to you over the years.

The biggest thing you can give them is your knowledge about their individual needs. When I sold a vehicle, I really like to know who the spouse was, the children, what their interests were, so that when I reached out to them, it wasn’t just some advertisement, or some promotion, or “Hey, look at this car.” I could say, “Hey, well, I see your team is in the Super Bowl,” or “I read an article about this and that’s something you’re interested in. I thought I’d share that with you.” Take the time to get to know your customers as people and they’ll keep coming back and they’ll even refer people to you.

Give it a try. Make some good quality notes about their life and their lifestyle, and to be generous with the orientation during your communications and I think you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

I’m David Kain. Thanks for joining me here for the Sales Tip of the Day.