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Frank Lopes

4 marketing moves car dealers should be making right now –...

Marketing is a key element of auto sales. Many dealers have reevaluated their marketing strategy with new budgets and new tools to reach more...
Marketing campaigns

Tracking Your Marketing Campaigns

 If your dealership is using Google Adwords, that means you’re tracking phone calls and lead forms, but consumers are using messaging platforms and chat...

Retargeting for a Bigger Impact

 Why is your dealership choosing to retarget people who have visited your website for two seconds? Brian explains how retargeting serious inquiries with banner...
auction insights

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Auction Insights

If your New Year’s Resolution was to look inward, to focus on your own dealership and to let go of the urge to check...

Stop treating Facebook Advertising like Google Adwords

When it comes to Facebook marketing, are you treating Facebook advertising like Google Adwords?  Brian says stop!
website traffic

The importance of tagging traffic to your website

 On this week's episode of Auto Marketing Now, Brian talks about why you should use UTM tags and the importance of tagging traffic to...
ad campaigns

Differentiating Your Ad Campaigns

Most of you use some sort of Facebook campaign, but Facebook isn’t like Google AdWords. Facebook has a different audience. See what Brian suggests...