How to provide consumers with consistent and transparent pricing options on all media platforms – Aaron Bickart, OfferLogix

Today, we’re pleased to welcome back Aaron Bickart, executive vice president and general manager of OfferLogix to discuss the importance of transparent transactions, which are highly valued by consumers. OfferLogix is a platform that allows vendors to provide penny perfect payments to their dealers as well as lease and finance payments that are calculated in real-time, which dealers can use consistently across all mediums of advertising.

Often times at the dealership level, digital retailing tools only offer one standardization of the pricing structure. This does not allow dealers to customize their pricing structure based on the vehicle color of inventory age. In turn, the dealer markets and advertises the monthly payment of a vehicle, but it could be different by the time of purchase. This discrepancy is not creating an exceptional customer experience. That is why OfferLogix was born, to provide one central solution for all pricing.

Bickart and anchor Jim Fitzpatrick also tackle why lease and finance payments so complex to calculate in the first place, and the importance of being nominated as a ‘company to watch’ by Steve Greenfield, host of the Friday 5 on CBT News.

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