How hiring veterans can improve your car dealership’s bottom line – Andrew Sandoe, Hire Heroes USA

The transition from service to the civilian workforce looks different for many military members and on today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome United States Marine Corps veteran and CEO of Hire Heroes USA, Andrew Sandoe to discuss why you should be recruiting veterans and their spouses, today.

Sandoe is a big believer that in order for a business decision to make sense, it has to make sense all the way around the table. Hiring veterans is a great example of that. Not only are you helping that veteran and their family, but it improves the business’ bottom line as well. After 19 years straight of combat, there is a lot of consistent data on how military personnel compare to civilians. Military members are more likely to outperform civilians in the same role, they get promoted faster, have better performance reviews, and more longevity in their roles.

When you hiring veterans, they are able to transfer the valuable skills they have acquired in the military to business. Characteristics like accepting responsibility for specific outcomes, acting with integrity, and having a willingness to be coachable are taught and re-enforced in the military. It’s easy to assume that everyone has these qualities, but that is not often the case. It’s Sandoe’s goal to spread this message with Hire Heroes USA.

Sandoe is a United States Marine Corps veteran as well. Before his service, Sandoe worked in 2 World Trade Center (the South Tower) in the investment world. Fortunately, he was in Washington D.C. on September 11th, however, upon returning to New York, he realized that he wanted to join the military. The event had a profound effect on him, and he decided to devote a chapter of his life to stand up against the gross injustice suffered by the U.S.

He was accepted into the Marine Corps’ aviation program and spent nine years as a pilot and intelligence officer. He served multiple tours in Iraq both at the tactical level and the strategic level. Sandoe says it was the second-best decision he’s ever made, after marrying his wife.

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