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training tipsvideo

Sally Whitesell: Relevant and Engaging Training Tips for Your Automotive Team

  CBT News Contributor Sally Whitesell, Founder, and CEO of SW Service Solutions, Shares Training Tips for your team using strategies that are relevant and...
parts department

How can Analytics Help your Parts Department?

This is the age of information. Business is smarter and agiler than ever before thanks to insights and analytics that were not available in...
car buyers

5 Trends in Dealership Facility Design

Digital shopping is all the rage in the automotive industry. Much attention has been drawn to the online buying habits of potential car buyers....
service contract

Planting the Seed for the Service Contract

Why It’s a Mistake Having been on both sides of the aisle as a Salesperson and F&I Manager, I have my own experiences and stories...

Larry Dorfman: How the SAVY app can make both dealers and buyers happy

  Larry Dorfman, CEO of EasyCare, is back to talk more about the SAVY app! When we last spoke he introduced us to SAVY Lot....

Do you have your “E’s” turned up today?

Do you have your "E's" turned up today? Bring your enthusiasm, excitement, energy and experience into the dealership and watch what happens. Hear how...

The 7 Circles of Internet Sales Success – Engagement

  Cory discusses the next circle in the 7 circles of high profit, high volume internet sales success: The engagement circle. Take a look.

Payment Packing

  On today's episode of F&I Today, Becky Chernek goes over how payment packing, when you disclose the initial payment to the customer that includes any...

Using Technology to Connect with More Customers

  On this week's episode of Kain & Co., David Kain invites Shaun Kniffin, Marketing Director for Germain Motor Company, to talk about how they...