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How dealers can maximize customer experience with strategies to improve transaction process – Adam Marburger

Time spent at the dealership is becoming increasingly important to the overall customer experience. A great way to minimize this time is by getting F&I involved as early as possible. Adam Marburger, F&I Coach, and the President and CEO of Ascent Dealer Services, is here to discuss this approach on the latest episode of Inside Automotive

Key Takeaways 

1. Marburger emphasizes the importance of minimizing customer time spent at the dealership to enhance the overall customer experience. For example, customers today are sensitive to time constraints, especially with both partners in a household often working, making time a critical factor in the automotive sales process.

2. One of the key strategies to minimize customer time at the dealership is to involve the Finance & Insurance (F&I) department as early as possible. This approach allows customers to receive crucial information, evaluate options, and make decisions more efficiently. The result? A smoother and faster transaction process.

3. Moreover, Marburger addresses effective strategies for seamlessly integrating F&I into the sales process without disrupting the flow. Techniques such as F&I professionals greeting potential customers on the showroom floor and providing information early on are mentioned as ways to enhance customer satisfaction and transaction profitability.

4. Effective communication and collaboration between the F&I department and the sales desk are paramount. This ensures that all parties are well-informed about customer needs, buying signals, and transaction progress. Such clarity leads to smoother deals and, most importantly, improved customer satisfaction.

5. Nevertheless, the interview touches on the future of F&I, mentioning potential trends such as online F&I transactions, virtual delivery, and variations based on regional market dynamics. The consensus is that the future will likely involve a combination of approaches tailored to meet customer preferences and market demands.

"Customers today don't want to spend four or five hours in a dealership, especially with both people working in a household now. Time is of the essence, and it seems that dealerships, we still can't overcome this." – Adam Marburger

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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