Gubagoo CEO Brad Title on Providing a Guided Digital Retailing Experience



If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the automotive industry one thing, it’s that digital retailing is coming alive in new and innovative ways. Many dealers are revamping the digital systems they have in place, while many more are scrambling to adopt this competitive edge. On today’s show, we’re very pleased to welcome Brad Title, Founder, CEO, and President of Gubagoo, a leading provider of digital retailing and messaging solutions for automotive dealerships.

In order for dealers to make their digital retailing process enjoyable and user-friendly for customers, Brad firmly believes that the transaction is a three-part experience. First, dealers need to choose the right technology and partner. They also need to have a process in place and the right people to execute that process. When you’re selecting a partner, make sure that they can provide a guided experience for the customer.

Often, customers need to ask a lot of questions and dispel insecurities in real-time through an integrated messaging platform. When employees jump in and chat with these guests, the likelihood of selling a vehicle to them increases dramatically.

“It’s been a remarkable turn in the market after COVID struck. It’s unfortunate that COVID struck, but it pushed the industry forward,” says Brad. “What’s interesting is to see how the dealers went from trying [digital retailing], but with resistance, to embracing it and all of the sudden selling 112 cars in a month.”

For more great insight from Brad Title, be sure to watch our entire interview above.

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