FCA’s Yalda Ghorashy explains their new online retailing experience for car dealers

FCA’s newly named ‘E-Shop‘ was first announced as an online retailing experience at the height of the pandemic when consumers were forced to stay indoors. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, car shoppers were mostly doing research online before stepping foot in a showroom. Now consumers are not only researching online, but they are also buying online.

Since then launch, FCA says their online shopping traffic across their dealer network has increased by more than 65%. On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Yalda Ghorashy, head of FCA global digital marketing, to discuss this newly launched platform.

In this segment, Ghorashy and anchor Jim Fitzpatrick discuss the following:

  • What the online retailing experience now called ‘E-Shop’ is and the inspiration behind it
  • The features that consumers and dealers can take advantage of
  • What the response has been like from dealers and consumers
  • The percentage of consumers who want to purchase a vehicle through digital retailing
  • The trends we are seeing in digital retailing today
  • Whether or not digital retailing is truly the future of the automotive industry
  • Forecast for the percentage of vehicle purchases that will be done online within the next 5 years

To find out more about FCA’s ‘E-Shop’, be sure to watch our full interview above.

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