How texting impacts your dealership | What Every Team Wants From Their Leader | Three Easy Steps for a More Efficient Dealership | Get Your New Hires Productive on the Sales Floor Quickly

On today’s CBT Newscast for Wednesday, May 24, 2017:

How texting impacts your dealership
Teenagers do it,  college kids do it, maybe even your parents and grandparents do it. Texting is a popular way of communicating and in most cases, the most efficient way to communicate. David Schoonover, Head of Digital with Kia Motors America, was asked by CBT’s Jim Fitzpatrick why some dealers still don’t partake in texting with customers.
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4 Simple Things Every Team Wants From Their Leader
While it can be difficult to become a great leader and to achieve great things, practicing great leadership is actually quite easy. There is a tendency to overcomplicate or overthink what leadership is, but actually, leadership can be very simple. I have worked with teams all over the world, from dozens of cultures, and from different generations, Baby Boomers to Millennials, and I have found that if you provide these four simple things your team will appreciate you, follow you, and achieve great results. Read More

WardsAuto: Three Easy Steps for a More Efficient Dealership
Selling cars is getting tough, and dealers are focusing on the fixed-ops part of the business. Dealers continue adding coffeemakers that boast frothy lattes on demand and upgrading their wireless infrastructure so customers can surf the net for free. For clients who don’t want to park themselves on modern couches, dealerships offer electronic updates. But, logistics improvements also can be done, and they’re easier and more affordable. Here are three tips. Read More

Get Your New Hires Productive on the Sales Floor Quickly
Some unsuitable applicants can bluff their way through to being hired. A structured onboarding process can help weed out bad hires, reducing your turnover rate substantially. Most importantly, you’ll experience new hire productivity much sooner. Read More

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