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See how automotive dealerships are winning over younger car buyers with cutting-edge digital strategies and irresistible engagement.

Dealerships explore new strategies to win over younger car buyers

Imagine a family-owned dealership deeply rooted in tradition but now facing a pressing dilemma: attracting the elusive younger generation. As digital platforms and social...
F&I departments that work directly with their providers to get better pricing for products, ease the burden on buyers in the long run.

Flexible pricing can help make payments more affordable for younger car...

As if the post-pandemic and supply chain issues weren’t enough the last few years…now financial experts are still banging the drum that a recession...

Show & sell: How to lean into online F&I education

Two of the larger generations of car buyers are practically living online. Millennials and Gen Z research everything to not only find the best...

Automotive marketing tips to reach every generation of car buyer

How do you market to Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z while running a single dealership? You wouldn’t be far from the truth...

Revived nameplates are making a comeback, and dealers can benefit

The Acura NSX reappeared for its second limited-production iteration in 2016, and it made waves in the industry, even selling VIN 001 at auction...

Study finds interesting correlations between in-car tech and demographics

Years ago, in an OEM new product launch focus group, a manufacturer found out that 80% of the consumers were more interested in the SUV's...

Deloitte report finds affordability concerns have affected main demographics

The 2021 Global Automotive Consumer Study by Deloitte unveils that as many as 23% of millennial car owners opted to defer car payments in 2020 amid...

Vehicle subscription options on the rise from car manufacturers

In the United States, more than 90% of households own a car. However, a shift is happening in the auto industry where urbanites are...
Jason Dorsey

How to Support Your Millennial and Gen-Z Employees During These Challenging...

  As part of our continuing coverage of the Coronavirus, we’re pleased to welcome back best-selling author and acclaimed speaker, Jason Dorsey. He is also...

Millennials a Probable Key for Auto Industry Recovery

Much of the economy has retracted during the coronavirus pandemic, auto sales included. The forecasts aren’t pretty with NADA predicting that new light-vehicle sales...