Get Your New Hires Productive on the Sales Floor Quickly

new hires

The statistics have been consistent for the past several years. Salesperson turnover rate was 67 percent in 2016 overall with non-luxury brands experiencing a 72 percent churn rate. That number reveals a horrific issue on the sales floor – new hires who simply won’t convert prospects into buyers at the same rate as experienced salespeople.

Add to the issue the cost of hiring a new salesperson. Between lost sales, paid wages, and training costs, each new hire is a massive expense in the tens of thousands of dollars.

The foremost issue is short-term hires. Of the 67 percent turnover rate, 40 percent occupy their sales position for less than 90 days and leave because they aren’t earning a living. These new hire costs amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually – costs which can be mitigated in the hiring process.

Onboard New Hires Consistently

Each new salesperson should receive the same onboarding procedure for consistency in your store. Companies such as Hireology assist with this step and let you focus on more important tasks related to operating your sales floor.

Before their first day, new salespeople can have their tax forms and personal information collected, eliminating the need to fill out forms on the first day. The employee’s focus can be on the task they’ve been hired for, and that’s selling cars.

Training materials can also be dispensed in the onboarding process, getting your new hires up to speed before they greet the first customer.

Provide Training Materials Before Day One

A green salesperson’s learning curve is steep, and on-the-job training burns sales leads. You can chock it up to the cost of business, or you can provide training before the salesperson meets any shoppers. Whether it’s sales and product training from the manufacturer, certification from a formal facility, or role-playing with management or another tenured employee, training can stem the losses of mistakes with a customer.

During this training period, make compensation clear to the freshly onboarded staff. It can be unpaid, minimum wage, or compensation upon successful completion of the training. It’s important the new hire knows what to expect at the start. To expect high-caliber applicants, offer substantial financial compensation to those who successfully complete your training requirements.  

Integrate Technology as an Authoritative Source of Information

A fresh salesperson is immediately detectable on the sales floor, burning ‘ups’ time and time again. Their lack of experience is frustrating to customers and management alike, constantly running back and forth for answers. This is where technology can help.

If your dealership uses an iPad or computer-based application to guide a salesperson and customer from shopper to purchaser, it lends credence to the salesperson. Answers are immediately available at their fingertips, from a needs-based assessment questionnaire and pricing information to trim level options and competitor model comparisons. Technology has the ability to create independence on the sales floor sooner, with fewer potential buyers leaving your store unsatisfied.


Unfortunately, some unsuitable applicants can bluff their way through to being hired. A structured onboarding process can help weed out bad hires, reducing your turnover rate substantially. Most importantly, you’ll experience new hire productivity much sooner.