CRM Managers, BDRs, and How to Be Successful


On this week’s episode of On the Mark, Mark Tewart talks about hiding behind texts and emails to avoid making a phone call and how to be successful at your dealership.



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Mark Tewart: Hi, I’m Mark Tewart and thanks for joining us on this week’s edition of On the Mark. On this week’s show, I want to talk about CRM managers, BDRs, and I want to talk directly to you about what we must do to be successful and then I want to go into our other two segments, Coach’s Corner and Stop It.

Mark Tewart: CRM managers, BDRs, I want to talk to you about something I’m seeing a lot lately and I want to be a little harsh. Please make the calls. No excuses. What I find is often we’re now beginning to hide, we’re hiding behind emails. We’re hiding behind even a great way to communicate, which is texting. We’re hiding because we don’t want to pick up the phone. I see this a lot. I see that we’re using excuses. We’re doing busy work, we’re doing mostly emails. Remember that emails and texting is fantastic, but it’s only a part of a communication that hopefully will lead to a phone call. Call first. Call, call, call, call. Make the calls. Make the volume of calls and do them well, but please make the calls and stop making excuses and hiding behind emails and behind texts. It’s because we’re not wanting to directly engage with a customer. It is the highest, the highest way that we can get somebody to create an appointment and to buy a car, is an actual phone call. Don’t hide behind the emails and texts. Make the calls.

Mark Tewart: And now for my segment Coach’s Corner. Game time. How many calls can you make in an hour? We just talked about making sure that you’re utilizing the phone, that you’re not hiding behind emails, that you’re not hiding behind text. Well, a little thing you could do is take an hour and see how many phone calls. When I first started my business, I used to play a little mental game with myself and I’d see how many times in an hour I could dial that phone. And of course you want results so you don’t want to confuse activity with the result. But the one thing I know is if you’re not making the amount of phone calls, it won’t matter.

Mark Tewart: And what we find is if somebody’s not making the amount of calls and they’re making excuses, if we can do a little exercise to say, “How many calls can we make in one hour?” People are always just, they’re confused and when it happens and they see how many calls that they can make in one hour, it’s enlightening for them. And if you did it once, you could do it a bunch of times that day and now your call volume raises and you’re going to have more success.

Mark Tewart: And now for my segment, Stop It! Stop over complicating things. I mean simplify everything. We have said that we want to simplify the buying process and we want to simplify everything we do for the customer. If it’s too complicated to get in and out an FNI, simplify it. If it’s too complicated in your sales process, simplify it. Also, simplify your paperwork. Simplify the meetings that you do. Do you have a time marker that you use of when it begins, when it ends, what the agenda is? We have found that if there’s anything in your dealership that we can simplify, we make it better for everybody. Sometimes we way overthink things and what happens is even if we’re identifying processes and we’re doing the right thing and putting it on paper, if it’s not written down, it doesn’t exist. You’re doing those things correctly, but your strength can become a weakness. I want you to look, everything you do, ask yourself, “How can we simplify and just make it easier for our people, for our customers, for us, and for everybody?” Just simplify it. Stop making things difficult.

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