How Can LinkedIn Referrals Benefit You?

On today’s Tip of the Day, Cory Mosley explains just how important it is to access and engage your LinkedIn referrals and how you can further build your referral base.


I talk to salespeople all over the country, and a lot of times they talk to me about how they’re going to build their referral base, how they’re getting more people to come in the market. How they’re still asking people, “Do you know any friends or relatives.” And when I go on their social media and we look up their Facebook profile, more importantly, their LinkedIn profile, I realized something. A, they don’t have one. B, it’s not complete. And C, there are no recommendations.

You want the new ideal of the referral? You want something very, very powerful? Access and engage your LinkedIn referrals. Because let me ask you a question, if you’re on there, you’re talking about how you’re a great salesman, you’ve done this, you’ve won the award. You’re the three-time this and the three-time that, and the salesman of the month. But nobody has recommended you, and nobody wants to tell anybody else about you. Are they keeping you a secret, or have you not done the work to get the referral?

There’s nothing more powerful when you’re looking at networking to see someone connected in your network that had a great experience with you. So, the new referral is LinkedIn.

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