2 pieces of technology guaranteed to help you close more deals

Welcome to another edition of Saturday Morning Sales Meeting with Matt Easton, sales trainer, consultant, and Founder of Easton University.


Matt Easton: Hey, everybody. I’m Matt Easton, founder of Easton University. It’s the most effective sales training in the world. Talking about effective, I’m going to introduce you to the most high-tech, the most revolutionary, the best two pieces of technology that will help you close more business, sell more vehicles right now, right here, right today, this Saturday, and you don’t even need to go to Best Buy.

Matt Easton:
What is this new technology that is sweeping the world? You guessed it. It’s a notepad and a pen, preferably a Sharpie. I call this the sword and the shield. Notice this. As you’re cruising around the lot on a Saturday, if you don’t have anything in your hands, “Hi. Hi. Can I help you? What brings you in here today?” It becomes very awkward when you don’t have something in your hand. Also, your job, your mission in life, if I’ve worked with you in the past, if you’ve seen many of my other segments, your job is to not provide a bunch of information to that customer. Your job is to learn about what’s going on in their life. What does their current situation look like? What are they trying to achieve?

Matt Easton:
You are trying to learn about them so you can help them make a decision. So if you grab your sword and shield, if you grab this amazing technology, notice how much more power I have. It’s totally different when I walk up to… “Welcome. What can I get you information on?” I suddenly go from somebody that’s fumbling around, “I don’t know what to do with my hands,” to somebody that’s there to help, to somebody that’s important. And listen, I can basically lead people by simply having this in my hand. It’s very easy then. “Welcome. What can I get you information on?”

Matt Easton:
“Hey, we’re looking for a Tahoe.” “Tahoe, great. What research have you done on us? My name’s Matt. What’s your name?” “My name’s Chris.” “Chris. Got it. Great to meet you.” Take notes. Write things down. You can be as messy as you want. I’m giving you permission. You can use as many pieces of paper today as you want, but you’re going to find that when you write notes down, what’s most important to you. Why is that? “What date do you need the vehicle? What makes that date important?”

Matt Easton:
As you’re writing facts down, not only are you showing your prospect that you’re listening, not only are you projecting that you’re a professional and you’re the person to talk to, but guess what? The added benefit is I wrote Chris’s name down and it’s easy for me to look back at that. If you are not taking notes, you’re not going to be confident that you’ve remembered that person correctly, and none of us have that good of a memory. I certainly don’t. I’m a black belt in jujitsu. I get choked out and slammed on my head, so I don’t remember things. It’s important for us as we’re engaged, as we’re working with each customer to write things down.

Matt Easton:
If you want to improve your sales this Saturday, I want you to go find a sword and a shield. Don’t go into battle without them. My name’s Matt Easton, founder of Easton University, and this has been your Saturday Morning Sales Meeting.

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