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The importance of attracting fleet customers to service and parts

The sales department at your dealership knows how valuable it is to have fleet customers. After all, how much more profit is achieved when four cars are sold versus one? Yet, the importance of attracting fleet customers to the service and parts department often goes overlooked. With some simple steps, you can learn how to attract these customers and keep them for skyrocketing profits.

In this guide, we cover the meaning of a fleet. We also look at three simple changes you can make today to get more of these commercial customers to visit your service and parts department.

How many cars are in a fleet?

DriveSafe Online says that fleets are groups of commercial vehicles ranging from two or more. With this definition in mind, it would be profitable to gain more of these customers whether they have two or a hundred vehicles on board. 

In reality, you could use these tips for any commercial customer that is willing to bring you more than one vehicle. 

#1. Create a dedicated fleet manager

Most likely, your sales department has a fleet manager or someone in charge of dealing with commercial customers, so why don’t you? Go as far as creating unique business cards for this person with the title “Fleet Services Commercial Manager.”

There’s no reason for these commercial customers to deal with the standard service team. They should have their own contact at the dealership. With this simple step, you ensure everything operates smoothly, and you give them the chance to feel like a VIP.

#2. Give service priority

Obviously, your commercial fleet customers require their vehicles more than the average Joe. When their cars are down, so is revenue. Additionally, they are letting their clients down when they can’t perform.

It would be best if you always put your commercial clients first. They need to be your top priority. Whether you create a particular bay for these customers or you move them to the front of the line, change whatever you need to ensure they get their vehicles back quickly. 

Some dealerships also offer after-hours service for these customers. It’s helpful if the fleet customer can have the vehicles serviced when their business hours are over, ensuring that there’s no downtime involved. 

#3. Add special perks

On top of the priority service our fleet customers enjoy, you can offer other perks that traditional customers don’t receive. What these are will depend on what you offer generally. The most important bonus would be discounted pricing for fleet accounts. After all, these customers shouldn’t be paying the same prices. You can figure out an appropriate pay scale based on how many cars are in the fleet to make it fair and to take volume into account.

Also, try to consider offering some freebies with every service. For example, would it cost you a lot to provide free pickup and delivery? It’s not going to be felt by the dealership, but this service could make a significant impact on operations for the commercial client. Additionally, both free car rentals and complimentary details could be beneficial. Talk to your commercial customers to see what they need the most and tailor a package that fits them. 

Hold Onto Your Fleet Customers

It’s not difficult to acquire new fleet clients if you have the right marketing strategies in place. What’s more important is keeping the customers once you get them. Make sure your commercial clients feel valued to ensure money in the bank.

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Brian Jones
Brian Jones
Brian Jones is a contributing writer for CBT News. He has worked in the automotive industry for decades as an ASE Certified Master Tech. He lives outside of Dallas, Texas with his family where he enjoys motorsports, pickup trucks, and traveling.

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