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The importance of attracting fleet customers to service and parts

The sales department at your dealership knows how valuable it is to have fleet customers. After all, how much more profit is achieved when...

How auto dealers can maximize profits with fewer new car sales

If you take a look at the number of vehicles on the road these days, you’ll notice that fewer and fewer of them are...
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Building a sales-minded parts team to grow your parts department

If you want to create meaningful growth in your parts department, you need to maximize sales online and over the counter. The way to...

3 ways to market your parts department

If you're CVS, Walmart or Costco, people stop by for random things anytime you're open. And the traffic is high. But, as a dealership...

How COVID-19 is Affecting Parts Departments

With social distancing, isolation, and quarantine efforts dominating news and daily life, coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the U.S. and world economies. The...
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The Cost of a Parts Wholesale Business

On this week's episode of the Weekly Tune-Up, Becky Nixon talks about a topic discussed during expense conversations in your parts and service operation:...
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How can Analytics Help your Parts Department?

This is the age of information. Business is smarter and agiler than ever before thanks to insights and analytics that were not available in...
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Five Improvements to Make your Parts Department Operate More Efficiently

Manage Your Inventory Unfortunately, there is still a lot of guesswork that goes into inventory planning at many dealerships. This does not have to be...