How digital retailing platforms enhance the overall car buying experience

Dealerships need to nail the car-buying experience if they want to grow their business and improve retention.

Dealerships need to nail the car buying experience if they want to grow their business and improve retention. However, picking the right strategies that maximize your sales team’s effectiveness while also giving clients the best service can be a challenge. A2Z Sync is a dealership retail solutions company, created to assist businesses with their customer facing operations in a way that improves transparency and improves efficiency. Natalia Giner is the brand’s CEO, and on this episode of Inside Automotive she joins host Jim Fitzpatrick to discuss how A2Z Sync can help your storefront grow.

The A2Z Sync platform allows dealerships to monitor their sales team’s in real time. Accountability between the department and its supervisor is essential to improving the car-buying experience, as it allows problems to be appropriately dealt with. However, it is difficult to respond in time to issues: more often than not, problems are only fixed after they have occurred. Now, sales leaders can easily track the workflow of their staff in addition to the evolving needs of customers, allowing them to address issues in real time as they occur.

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With dealerships using more technology platforms than ever to achieve their objectives and ensure customers have an excellent car-buying experience, it is important to have a simple and organized toolset. A2Z Sync is releasing a new version of its dealership experience platform that will expand the number of business models it supports, giving a wider variety of dealers access to all of the services in one package. Although the brand originally focused on one-person styled sales departments, this expansion means that the platform can now be used by any team to improve their efficiency and streamline their processes, allowing them to replace multiple products with one.

However, A2Z Sync also realizes that dealerships often need solutions which are tailored to their business models. Many auto-retailers have been in the business for years, and are intimately familiar with the needs of their markets, and what their clients want out of the car-buying experience. This is why the platform’s services can be adjusted to suit the needs of individual sales teams, allowing managers to pick the features that work best for their staff.

A2Z Sync is an excellent tool to add to a dealership’s kit. The platform allows managers to stay informed on their team’s workload, while monitoring their customers to ensure they have the best car-buying experience possible. Technology holds huge potential for auto-retailers, and those who adopt the right strategies first will be ahead of the curve once they become industry standard.

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