The benefits of using a phone call script for auto sales success

Salespeople who use call outlines or scripts are twice as successful in obtaining appointments

On the latest episode of Kain and Co., host David Kain, President of Kain Automotive, talks about using a phone call script or outline when talking to customers. This is beyond the internet and has much to do with salesfloor people. Kain says oftentimes we convince ourselves that we’re so good on the phone that we don’t need a guide. You have to ask yourself, what are the eight areas you want to cover in the course of the phone call to get the desired outcome?

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Kain says the best outcome is securing an appointment. The second-best outcome is you have information, to create the next set of actions. The worst outcome is a hang-up with no information and you’re not sure what to do next. Working in the automotive industry, Kain says his connection to his guests came from when customers came into the showroom or when they were able to speak with them on the phone. Nowadays with new technology, Kain says sometimes we need to go back to our roots and recognized what caused that success level to happen. If we say and do the right things, we’ll get the right outcome.

Kain says it’s not so much of the words, but knowing the purpose behind the phone call script. You want to be able to check the boxes. In recent studies, salespeople who use call outlines or scripts are twice as successful in obtaining appointments. Leverage a phone call script or outline for the best possible outcome.

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