WSJ best-selling author Alex Goldfayn explains the power and profitability of phone calls

The single most effective selling tool is the phone

Are you still using the phone to generate sales in today’s digital retail environment? If not, this is something that you should get back to immediately as you may be missing out on customers. In his latest book, Pick Up The Phone and Sell, Alex Goldfayn, keynote sales speaker, CEO of The Revenue Growth Consultancy, and WSJ best-selling author explains how powerful and profitable a phone call can be. 


Goldfayn begins the conversation by discussing the techniques mentioned in his latest book, Pick up the Phone and Sell. He says the techniques in the books are about the single most effective selling tool, which is the phone but it also is the most avoided tool. The reason it’s the least used is fear. He says, we automatically go to cold-calling when we think about making calls.

When you result in email, you volunteer yourself with the junk. But, when you call, you’re the only one. If you want to stand out, be memorable, and helpful, you need to call says Goldfayn. He says it’s just showing up, being present which is what customers want from us. Sending an email is less than doing nothing says Goldfayn.

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When it comes to text messages, Goldfayn says it’s the second most effective communication pathway. He recommends, calling and leaving a voicemail. After you send the voicemail, send a text.

If you call then text a customer, two out of three of them will get back to you. And two-thirds of those will do so by a text message.

Goldfayn says don’t underestimate the impact of showing effort. You’ve taken a step towards the customer when nobody else is. It’s an easy way to stand out in a crowd, which is 99% reactive.

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