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Battling fragmentation and unifying data with a CDP — Brian Pasch...

A Customer Data Platform, or CDP, offers dealers the chance to unify their data and use consumer information effectively. While relatively new to automotive...
holographic barra envisics

GM invests into startup bringing holographic HUD to next generation vehicles

General Motors has contributed to series C funding for Envisics, a tech startup planning to introduce holographic head-up displays for vehicles as soon as...

GM upgrades driver-assistance while trimming costs for Cruise robotaxis

General Motors has announced additional details for its upcoming driver-assistance platform Ultra Cruise, one day after an executive at its robotaxi subsidiary, Cruise, spoke...
Ocean EV

Fisker expects to make first deliveries of Ocean EV in spring

In its fourth quarter and full-year financial report, electric vehicle startup Fisker, Inc. announced that the first deliveries of its inaugural vehicle, the Ocean...

Automotive tech innovations present new opportunities for M&A — Steve Greenfield

Dealers want to be sure they are making the right investments for their business, which is why on this episode of CBT Now anchor...
Polestar has joined other automakers in agreeing to make its electric vehicles compatible with Tesla's NACS chargers.

How much should legacy automakers worry about smaller startups in the...

Will automaker newcomers like Rivian disrupt the industry, or will they go the way of most tech startups and disappear in a few years?...
mobility transportation

5 innovations shaping the future of automotive mobility

If science fiction writers had their way, we'd all be moving around by self-piloted pods hundreds of feet above the ground. But that future...
full self-driving beta

Tesla releases update details for Full Self-Driving beta after recall decision

Tesla has released details for its upcoming Full Self-Driving beta update, which will expand the software's features and address some of the safety concerns...

5 tips to improve your search results page (SRP) design

One of the most popular locations for potential car buyers to find you are on the device you’re likely viewing this article from, whether...
car buying experience, Isabelle helms

Why are customers less satisfied with the car buying experience?

Dealers have transformed the car buying experience with customers in mind, but many question the success of these changes. Recently, Cox Automotive published its...