7 Choices Highly Successful People Make Daily

successful people

Some consider success the luck of the draw, subject to fate and the constellation they were born under. However, the truth is that success is simply a pattern of behaviors that reinforce good cycles and help reshape negative habits into positive qualities. The most successful people attribute their achievements to little steps that they’ve taken repeatedly. We’ve chosen seven habits known to help promote mastery that will get you and your dealership on the road to success.

#1. Rise Early to Promote Planning and Mindfulness

Want to get a jump on the competition? Get up a few hours earlier in the morning. Most successful people get up two-to-three hours before their shift at work actually starts. Tempted as  you might be to hit snooze and roll over, early rising gives you a chance to clear up minor items on your to-do list. It also is a perfect time for reflection. With most of the world still asleep, you’ll have the peace and quiet needed to contemplate your next moves as a person and company. Utilize this time to think about bigger picture ideas. Often, during the day, we get caught up in the little details and lose the forest for the trees. But in the unpressured, early morning hours you can take a step back and reassess your direction and goals.

#2. Leave Your Comfort Zone

Both in business and in life, it is easy to fall into psychic ruts. You may find that over time you’ve fallen into predictable patterns of behavior that are leaving you feeling drained and unfulfilled. Shake things up by committing to actions that force you to leave your well-established comfort zones. Not only will you get a shot of adrenaline by trying something new, you can also end up building your dealership further as you start seeing new perspectives along with your new activities.

#3. Communicate

When collating all the different habits of highly successful people, research concluded that one of the top habits shared by most was communication. Successful people communicate with others clearly and try to improve their communication skills all the time. As salespeople, communication with clients is vital. Investing time in a speech class or practicing with Toastmasters could be the lead you need to sell cars more effectively.

#4. Be a Life Learner

On that note, commit yourself to lifelong learning. If you thought education was over after high school or college, think again. With changes in law, business practices, technology and more, it is more vital than ever to continue your education. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy: attending conferences, taking an online course or two, or even auditing a university class that interests you all qualify as continued learning. This is what usually separates those flying by the seats of their pants from those who not only love what they do, but know what they’re doing.

#5. Breathe

Another noted habit for success is making time for exercise and relaxation. Even if weight loss isn’t a personal goal, exercise is important for maintaining a healthy body and mind. If your job keeps you tied up at the dest most of the day, make it a point to get up a few times and walk around. Take time, as well, for relaxation. Many people complain about stiff necks and backs when they finish work , and often the cause is stress. Work on eliminating that tension through power naps and peaceful music, or any other activity that helps you calm down. You’ll be healthier and happier as a result, making you a better employee for your dealership.

#6. Read, Read, Read

Need an edge over other dealerships? Warren Buffett suggests you read. Reading will not only help  you strengthen communication and vocabulary skills, it gives you ve valuable lessons and tools you’ll need for success. The trick is to choose nonfiction books that will actively improve your sales abilities, or educate you standards of practice you were hitherto unaware of.

#7. Team of One

Last but not least, if you want to train yourself to be more effective, learn to compare yourself to yourself and no one else. Doing otherwise can be exhausting. You’ll find yourself constantly looking over your shoulder to check on other’s progress and if they’re doing better you’ve got good conditions for self-flagellation which gets you nowhere.  You and your dealership are unique. Let other people compare all they want: you do you and you’ve got a nice recipe for success.