Putting a Post-Script After Your Email Signature


Sending a brief email, but you want to share one last impact thought with your potential customer? David suggests doing this at the end, in the CBT News Tip of the Day. 


Hello, I’m David Kain of Kain Automotive, here with your tip of the day. I would encourage you to consider putting a PS, or what is known as a post-script, after your signature in your emails.

It’s surprisingly effective to try to get people to focus on one last thought when you put that message out there to them, so if you write a short enough email, and then your post-script follows up with: oh, be sure to ask me about, or be sure to remember you qualify for, it’s amazing how people will actually miss the whole message that you actually intended in the first part, and respond to your post-script.

Give it a try. I think you’ll appreciate how effective it can be. I’m David Kain here with your tip of the day.

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