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How to set your dealership apart from its digital retailing competition – Kalah McCoy, Velocity Automotive Solutions

Today on CBT News, we’re pleased to welcome back Kalah McCoy, Executive Vice President at Velocity Automotive Solutions, Hugh Hathcock, Owner and Founder of Velocity Automotive Solutions, home of VelocityEngage and ReconVelocity. The last time we spoke to the Velocity Automotive Solutions team, owner Hugh Hathcock, and partner Gage Hathcock and us the first look inside the brand new product VelocityEngage. McCoy joins us today to discuss how the product can close gaps in your digital retailing process.

Once ReconVelocity brought dealers a highly efficient, streamlined, reconditioning process, the next step for dealers was figuring out how to communicate their hard work to consumers. VelocityEngage is a digital merchandising solution that allows car dealers to present all of a vehicle’s details into an online portfolio to act as an evidence manual. These transparent and informative presentations for all vehicles, give dealers a competitive advantage by providing customers with crucial information, that other dealers might not.

In addition, vehicle portfolios can be shared with prospects via email, text messages, or even CRMs. With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating the industry’s digital transformation, consumers have a new set of expectations. What makes VelocityEngage unique in the market is just how quickly dealers can match newly acquired inventory with potential customers.

McCoy explains, “Now, having a digital portfolio that we can send, once we’ve got the car in, and we’ve started the recon process, we can find potential buyers for that car right away on the first day. Now we have a way to start marketing that car a lot faster through the portfolio.”

From a sales perspective, managers and representatives often don’t have a tangible presentation to give to customers. Maybe they have some engagement on social media, or distribute business cards, but that’s often not enough to set themselves apart. VelocityEngage allows the sales rep to send a complete digital portfolio to the customer that has all the information they need to take the next digital retailing step.

Additionally, once the portfolio has been sent, now the dealership can track the customers’ engagement with it. This means that the BDC agents can step in and work phone calls and internet leads. Everything VelocityEngage offers for used-vehicles applies to new vehicles as well. While new vehicles won’t have service records, the digital portfolio is still a huge asset to dealers when it comes to lead tracking.

The portfolios are completely custom for every store as well. The VelocityEngage team takes the dealership information and integrates the portfolio hub with the existing digital retailing process. Creating a fully-functional platform in approximately two weeks.

To find out more visit and ReconVelocity.

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