On this episode of Kain & Co., host David Kain shares the information he has learned from his company’s recent 16th Annual Kain Clients and Friends Workshop which was held virtually last week. One aspect of the event that Kain says he always learns so much from is the Dealership Best Idea competition. 

The winner of the competition was Ryan Everson, digital marketing director of Garber Automotive Group. His idea stems from the phrase “FOMO” which stands for “fear of missing out”. Kain turns over the segment to Everson to go into more detail about his idea.

Everson says that FOMO exists among everyone and it easily translates to the auto industry. Everson says that excitement builds at the end of the month when consumers are coming in and getting great deals on vehicles, which leads more consumers to explore what kind of deals they can get as well. He says that his idea is to take this energy and see how it can be replicated all month long. Everson said they did this by boosting their efforts on Facebook with simple practices that appeal to a larger audience. 

Another acronym that Everson uses is “DISC” meaning “does it sell cars”. He says that the changes they made to their Facebook ads did work, leading Garber to adjust their entire digital marketing strategy on the platform. He encourages other dealers to take a look at his method and see how it can help them sell more vehicles.

Kain wraps up the episode by encouraging dealers to take the ideas presented by Everson and discover how they can be applied in their own market.

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