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Salesperson leverages her online presence to engage with car shoppers

Higher PVR starts with earlier online presence for F&I

Dealerships who resisted the call in the past to start investing heavily into their online presence were finally forced to embrace this shift during...
By prioritizing authenticity, creating engaging content, and inte­racting with their audience, de­alerships can create a powerful social media strategy.

Social media savvy: building an engaging online presence for your dealership

In today's digital age, it is impe­rative for businesses, including car de­alerships, to have a strong online presence. Social media platforms offer a unique...
Let’s dive into why having your own advertising accounts is a good idea, and what could happen if you don’t.

The power and necessity of owning your advertising accounts

Marketing managers, general managers, and advertising or marketing agencies might not agree on this one: You should create your own ads account whenever you...
Beyond mere promotion, social media offers dealerships rich insights into customer preferences and trends.

Exploring the impact that social media has on automotive sales

In the dealer’s lounge, you may scroll through Instagram. Not for leisure but to inspect a competitor’s latest post showcasing their newest sedan under...
As the demand for electric vehicles surges, it is crucial for dealers to develop a sound marketing strategy to address these buyers.

How to electrify your EV marketing strategy

Electric vehicles are becoming more prominent in dealerships. With customer interest in EVs rising along with occasional spikes in gas prices, it’s time to...
There’s more to social media than Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and Quora also have groups ideal for social selling.

4 worthwhile social selling methods for dealership sales staff

While social media platforms are pervasive in today’s society, using them effectively for business is equal parts art and science. This is especially true...
The PR toolkit boasts various strategies, encompassing media relations, press releases, social media engagement, and event sponsorships.

Public relations for dealerships: When silence isn’t golden

Public relations (PR) is a crucial yet often underestimated and unused tool for automotive dealerships. PR is an integral element of any dealership’s strategy,...
Social media manager working diligently on tablet and smartphone.

What to look for when hiring a social media manager for...

A social media manager is likely one of the most crucial individuals you'll hire for your dealership marketing team. Over the past decade, their...
TikTok for car dealerships

How car dealers are leveraging TikTok to drive sales [+8 tips...

As social media platforms continue to evolve and gain popularity, businesses are constantly looking for new ways to engage with customers and build their...

Using strategy and media to differentiate your car dealership

Image isn't everything, but in today's TikTok-inspired media, your dealership needs to stand out to your target market when compared to your competition. So,...