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How dealerships can maximize sales through strategic AI integration – Durran Cage | Cage Automotive

With today’s tech, our ability to reach the right consumer with the right message is better than ever—and often, it’s done right from the palms of teams’ hands. On today’s episode of Inside Automotive, Durran Cage, the Founder and Owner of Cage Automotive, will walk us through ways you can better leverage tech, like artificial intelligence (AI), to help your teams win.

Key Takeaways 

1. Duran Cage emphasizes the importance of using AI not just for consumer-facing applications, but more critically for enhancing internal team operations. By employing AI tools like ChatGPT, sales managers can generate effective meeting agendas and training scripts and improve communication strategies. This internal utilization helps streamline processes, boost productivity, and ensure consistent follow-ups with customers.

2. One of the primary pain points in the automotive sales industry is the lack of adequate follow-up and customer nurturing, especially in dealerships without a dedicated BDC (Business Development Center). AI can play a significant role in maintaining long-term customer relationships by automating follow-ups and personalizing interactions, which is crucial for both sales and service departments. This approach helps keep customers engaged and supports higher retention rates.

3. The automotive market has shifted from a seller’s market, prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic, to a buyer’s market. This change demands that sales teams enhance their selling techniques and focus on providing exceptional customer experiences. Salespeople must now be adept at answering detailed questions, offering personalized deals, and being more responsive to customer needs. The interview underscores the need for dealerships to adjust their strategies to cater to more discerning and price-sensitive customers.

4. Effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) usage heavily depends on leadership buy-in and support. Duran highlights the success of a dealership that first focused on training its leadership team on CRM functionalities. Once the leaders were proficient, this knowledge trickled down to the sales team, significantly improving performance. The key takeaway is that leadership must be fully engaged and model the desired behaviors to ensure the entire team follows suit.

5. In the current economic climate, affordability is a major concern for customers. Dealerships need to address this by crafting messages that resonate with budget-conscious buyers. This involves offering solutions that align with customers’ financial goals, such as upgrading vehicles, exchanging for similar payments, or reducing overall expenses. By focusing on affordability and empathetic communication, dealerships can build stronger customer relationships and enhance their community reputation.

"Sales training is important, but the sales systems in your playbook are more important because those are the things that will stick forever." - Duran Cage.

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