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How CDK Global is enhancing online to in-store modern retail experiences — Steven Walker

Earlier this year, CDK Global released its Friction Point Study, which surveyed both shoppers and dealers to determine what points in the car buying process were crucial to
deliver a positive experience. Roughly 25% of consumer respondents expressed the desire to complete a significant portion of the buying process online. Yet, half of the dealers surveyed, noted their struggles with integrating online and offline operations. CDK Global has been working diligently to bridge these gaps and align all of the different parts of the front-end experience for a truly modern retailing experience.

Steven Walker, CDK Global’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, recently joined Jim Fitzpatrick on the CBT stage at the 2023 Digital Dealer conference, to tell us more.

Key takeaways:

1. One of CDK Global’s primary focuses is assisting dealers in unifying all of their systems into a seamless workflow. While 84% of dealerships have some type of digital retailing capabilities, only 30% of that group is using the technology. Walker explains that digital retailing is more than just a lead-capturing tool. Dealers must find ways to create cohesive omnichannel transactions that marry online to in-store shopping.

2. CDK Global recently launched the CDK Dealership Xperience and its advanced solution, Modern Retail Suite to address these pain points for dealers. The Modern Retail Suite brings together all of the best parts of a CRM, digital retailing platform, and finance tools into one single application.

3. 5% or less of consumers complete the entire car buying process online, and while dealers certainly need to accommodate these consumers, they also need to meet the other 95% wherever they are in the buying process. This is precisely what CDK’s solutions intend to accomplish.

"Customers want to be able to steer that sale and that purchasing experience, in the way that they want, and what is comfortable for them." - Steven Walker

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Anna Delvillar
Anna Delvillar
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