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See how automotive dealerships are winning over younger car buyers with cutting-edge digital strategies and irresistible engagement.

Dealerships explore new strategies to win over younger car buyers

Imagine a family-owned dealership deeply rooted in tradition but now facing a pressing dilemma: attracting the elusive younger generation. As digital platforms and social...
When it comes to the car buying experience, the way consumers shop monthly payments reflect the changing landscape of auto financing.

It’s all about the perfect payment

There’s nothing about paying bills that consumers like, so it follows that the easier and cheaper and most penny perfect they are to pay,...
In this article, we will de­lve into the effectiveness of online vehicle me­rchandising and provide practical tips to help you achieve success in this crucial area.

7 tips for enhancing your dealership’s online vehicle merchandising strategy

In today's fast-paced digital age­, having a robust strategy for showcasing your dealership’s vehicles online­ is not just a passing trend – it's absolutely...
Steven Walker, Senior Product Marketing Manager for CDK Global, recently joined Jim Fitzpatrick on the CBT stage at the 2023 Digital Dealer conference.

How CDK Global is enhancing online to in-store modern retail experiences...

Earlier this year, CDK Global released its Friction Point Study, which surveyed both shoppers and dealers to determine what points in the car buying...
Providing tailored, personalized suggestions based on a user’s browsing history, mobile apps can make customers feel appreciated and understood.

Leveraging mobile apps for improved customer engagement in dealerships

On any given day in your dealership, a mechanic will grapple with diagnosing a perplexing issue in a customer’s vehicle. A tool that swiftly...
By marrying online innovations with the hands-on experiences they excel at, dealerships can craft a future-ready, holistic EV buying journey.

Creating a seamless online-to-offline EV buying experience

Remember the golden days of car buying? There wasn't an internet where people could do research—only magazines. When new cars arrived, dealers often used...
As many buyers begin their vehicle search online, a dealer’s website is the prime place to begin building a seamless customer experience.

From online to in-store: creating a seamless dealership customer experience

Rapid digitalization during the pandemic has made a lasting impact on the way customers shop for vehicles. According to S&P Global Mobility's latest Vehicle Buyer...
Explore the significance of price ratings, understand their impact on dealerships, and discover how customers use them for buying decisions.

Do car buyers take online price ratings seriously?

Whether used car managers like it or not, the car price rating systems on websites like CarGurus and are meant to be a...
Auditing the online buying process at your car dealership

Future proofing your dealership in a modern environment

The past few decades have seen a technology boom across all industries, including automotive, that has changed buying habits, expectations, and landscapes forever. The...
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Increased online sales adoption could signal the in-person experience needs change

The 2022 Deloitte Global Automotive Consumer Study indicates that concluding a vehicle in-person remains the preferred method for 75% of car buyers. However, more...