GM Shawn Hays on sourcing inventory, dealership culture, and training

On this edition of Inside Automotive, we’re pleased to welcome back Your Car Guy Shawn Hays, General Manager of Carter Myers Colonial Chevrolet and Co-Founder of Sales Hustler. Hays joins us to discuss the state of automotive from his perspective and his recommendation for car dealers.

Today, Hays shares how his dealership acquires and manages its used car inventory. Our focus every single day is sourcing inventory, says Hays. Car dealers today are buying less and trying to make as much as they can for each car. From his perspective, Hays doesn’t focus too much on the front-end gross. His goal is to turn the used car inventory as fast as possible.

While employee morale, as far as inventory goes, is still pretty good at CMA Chevrolet, dealership employees need support and training. If the GM lives by a certain moral code, is trustworthy, and sets a good example, then dealership culture will follow.

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