David Lewis on How Sales Training Has Adapted to a Virtual Environment

David Lewis

In light of recent events, many dealerships are making the jump to virtual retailing and with that, comes a new set of challenges. Bringing the sales staff up to speed and training them on a new, and more than likely unfamiliar sales process is a pain point that trainer David Lewis is seeing in spades. David is the President and CEO of David Lewis and Associates and host of Straight Talk right here on CBT. We caught up with him today to get a ‘state of the union’ on sales training.

When discussing the virtual retailing experience, David says, “What’s happening, is that we’re seeing better opportunities to earn the customer. Closing ratios are getting better because people are doing less shopping once they make that connection.”

David finds that online video presentations and test drives are essential to making these lucrative connections. It turns out, that grosses are strong using this method. Now, it’s all about retrofitting the dealership sales training in order to execute this method in the most effective way. This becomes challenging when the older generation car dealer is not very tech-savvy, and they are not sure how to use digital tools to their full advantage. However, the 25-year-old salesperson who grew up on this technology feels comfortable selling in this manner. David is focusing on interlocking these various factors in a comprehensive digital training strategy that makes sense.

For more great insight from David Lewis, be sure to watch our entire interview above.

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