Navigating Coronavirus Challenges With John Fitzpatrick – Force Marketing

Today on – Friday, March 20th, 2020:

Navigating Coronavirus Challenges With John Fitzpatrick – Force Marketing
As part of our on-going Coronavirus coverage, we’re pleased to welcome back John Fitzpatrick, President and CEO of Force Marketing, a comprehensive automotive marketing services company.

borderImplications of the New Restrictions at the U.S.-Canada Border
As the Coronavirus pandemic, or COVID-19, spreads globally, more and more measures are being put into place to protect people from the condition. This includes the recent announcement that the 5,500-mile United States-Canada border will be closed to “nonessential travel” to hopefully stop the cross-border spread of COVID-19 and protect citizens of both countries. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is currently self-quarantining with his wife, and U.S. President Donald Trump have both commented that the agreement was mutual. Read More

sales staffChanging Course: Are Traditional Weekday Hours Still Right for Sales Staff?
Dealership sales staff are known for pulling long hours. From working during the weekdays, to pulling early evening and weekend shifts, sales staff are having to pull the traditional eight hours, and even more in certain situations. However, is it time to shake up this formula? Are dealership sales staff truly needed during traditional working hours? According to the Cox Automotive’s 2019 Dealership Staffing Survey, dealerships experienced an 80 percent turnover of sales staff in 2019. This number is striking, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Read More

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