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Evaluating Your Dealership’s Marketing Team and Ad Spend | Servicing the Newest Automotive Technology Increases Profits for Automotive Service Centers | Driving More Traffic to Your Dealership

Today on – Tuesday, March 12th, 2019:

newscastThe Importance of Evaluating Your Dealership’s Marketing Team and Advertising Spend – Glenn Pasch, PCG Digital
Jim recently caught up with Glenn Pasch, auto marketing expert, and CEO of PCG Digital. They discussed the importance of re-evaluating your dealership’s marketing team and spend. They tackle questions like ‘who should make up the marketing team?’ and ‘what should I try to accomplish with every campaign?’. You won’t want to miss this interview. Watch Now

newscastServicing the Newest Automotive Technology Increases Profits for Automotive Service Centers
Previously, automotive service centers only had to worry about the basic functions of a vehicle, like engine work, tire changes, and routine maintenance. The idea that mechanics in the automotive industry need to be savvy with high-tech computer systems is a relatively new one, and the prospect of learning to work on advanced technology in vehicles is daunting. However, automotive service centers will reap huge rewards from being able to perform repairs on the various types of advanced technology, like driver assistance, alternative fuel vehicles, and connectivity technology available on vehicles today. Read More

newscastTop Selling Holiday’s In Automotive and How to Market Them to Drive Traffic
As a dealer, you’ve probably tried all of the popular car sale promotion ideas out there. But it can be hard to determine which ones actually help to increase traffic to your dealership. Generally, automotive dealerships often advertising sales surrounding holidays related to change of seasons, long weekend, veterans, or presidents. Though you might not celebrate one (or more) of the holidays, there are tons of opportunities for consumers to take advantage of sales. It’s also a great way for dealerships to get new faces to walk into your dealership. Read More

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