Creating a Brand Promise


On this week’s episode of Auto Marketing Now, Brian Pasch of PCG Companies discusses how critical it is to create a brand promise if you plan to embrace digital retailing.   VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: Brian Pasch: Hi, this is Brian Pasch,…

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  1. Digital Retailing (DR) is being sold to dealers as a “conversion tool”. It’s NOT! It’s a “transaction tool”. 

    DR doesn’t start until someone has landed on a car they want to buy. 

    Dealers are missing the shopping phase of helping consumers figure out what vehicle to buy. The shopping phase has the most impact on persuading them to buy a vehicle from you.

    The shopping process involves emotion, personalization, privacy, safety, technology, and budget.

    Digital Retailing has many benefits for building a better consumer experience, but it doesn’t solve the basic question that many consumers have “What car should I buy”? Shopping tools help guide the consumer on where to start and what to buy, which can generate more leads and feed directly into digital retailing.

    Can your website solve this typical car buyer’s question?

    I want to buy a sport utility vehicle, I’m open to new or used, and my budget is $450 per month. I’m not sure what my credit score is. I’m also open to any make as most vehicles seem to be pretty reliable. Oh, and I want to trade in my vehicle that is currently financed.

    I land on your website, now what?


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