The Power of Three Method

Power of Three

What is the “Power of Three” method? Mark explains how focusing on improving yourself for 30 days will have a huge impact on your customers.


Here is your Tip of the Day with Mark Tewart.

Mark explains how performing the power of three method for 30 days will have a huge impact on your customers.

I want to talk to you about a 30-day challenge of what I call the power of three method. I want you pick three things. Three areas of your life. And I want you to look at one small gradual improvement for each of those three areas. It could be phone calls, meet and greets, whatever it may be. But one small thing as an example. If you were to just tell every customer that you meet today, “You are very important to me. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity. I want to get you everything you want and need today. If you could do that with every single customer on a phone call, in an e-mail, face to face, and showing a heartfelt empathy in three areas today, your power of three for the next 30 days. You look and see what will happen in 30 days. Do that in three areas of your life every day, and you will get phenomenal results.

I’m Mark Tewart, thanks so much for joining me on the Tip of the Day on CBT News.