Tesla CEO Elon Musk faces trial, Lidar makers merge, concerns over EV tax credits

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pre-owned salespeopleLeveraging social media to promote pre-owned vehicle sales — Helmand Anwary | Easy Honda
It’s no secret that auto dealerships rely on a robust pre-owned car department. Today on Inside Automotive, we’re joined by Helmand Anwary, Pre-owned Director of Easy Honda in Houston, Texas, to share what’s working for his used car department today and how Easy Honda is using social media to bring in additional sales. Watch the complete segment here.


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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is headed to trial in a case that claims his $56 billion compensation package unjustly enriches him without requiring his full-time presence. A Tesla shareholder is seeking to rescind Musk’s 2018 pay deal, claiming the board set easy performance targets, labels musk as a part-time CEO, and claims Musk designed the package to fund his space exploration program, SpaceX. In response, Tesla has pointed out that the package delivered a 10-fold increase in value to shareholders. The trial is scheduled for November 14, with Judge Kathleen McCormick presiding, the same judge who oversaw Twitter’s lawsuit against Musk regarding the $44 billion acquisition agreement. Read More

Ford sales
Image sources: Ford

Ford Motor Company is asking the federal government to limit what it determines to be a “foreign entity of concern” in order to expand the number of vehicles qualifying for the $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit offered through the Inflation Reduction Act. Ford asked the government to clarify what vehicles are eligible for the incentive and explain how companies can show demonstrate they qualify. The automaker added that overly expansive interpretation “risks undermining the very same objective by making the clean vehicle credit largely unavailable.” Read More

Lidar makers Ouster and Velodyne have agreed to a merger to increase their competitiveness in autonomous vehicle technology. Lidar, which stands for “light detection and ranging,” is a sensor technology that uses invisible lasers to create a 3D map of its surroundings. Valuations in the lidar segment are currently a fraction of where they were two years ago, and prominent automakers like Ford Motor and Volkswagen have cut back on investments in autonomy in favor of more limited driver-assist systems. Read More

tax creditsSouth Korea and Japan are asking US policymakers to loosen requirements for tax incentives outlined in the Inflation Reduction Act. South Korean officials are lobbying for a three-year grace period to be included in the tax credit to allow time for companies to find ways to come into compliance. The European Union has also asked for consideration from the US to allow European automakers to qualify for the tax credit. This week, a new report from Kyodo News says Japan will soon submit a similar request, asking for “added flexibility” for foreign automakers. Read More

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