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Vandals set fire to Waymo robotaxi, vehicle financing trends, Rivian slashes R1T, R1S prices

Inside Automotive 

How this independent dealership prioritizes affordability and beats the odds – Scott Dooley | Carbox
Independent car dealers are essential in offering diverse and personalized experiences to consumers. However, they face various challenges, including competition with neighboring franchise dealers. In the latest episode of Inside Automotive, Scott Dooley, owner of Carbox in Kenosha, Wisconsin, talks about how independent dealers adapt to today’s marketplace. Watch the full segment here

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Waymo reported that a crowd in San Francisco vandalized and set a self-driving car on fire by hurling a firework inside of it.
Séraphine Hossenlopp / San Francisco Fire Department Media

Waymo, an Alphabet subsidiary, reported that on February 10, a crowd in San Francisco vandalized and set a self-driving car on fire by hurling a firework inside of it. The San Francisco Fire Department received a dispatch to Jackson Street in Chinatown around 9 PM, where Lunar New Year celebrations were in full swing. Although there have previously been attacks on self-driving cars, the severity of this particular incident could indicate a shift in public opinion. Read More

Vehicle financing factors were less favorable to car buyers In January, undoing several months of improvements seen last year.Vehicle financing remained an obstacle for many consumers in January, during which auto lenders displayed more caution and auto loan access declined. According to Cox Automotive’s Dealertrack Auto Credit Total Loan Index, January’s challenges in vehicle financing reversed accessibility improvements achieved in mid to late 2023. Read More

Rivian, the electric truck and SUV manufacturer has cut $3,100 off the base models in anticipation of the release of its more affordable R2.As demand for EVs declines in the face of a faltering economy, automakers have slashed their costs for EVs during the past year. Before companies like Ford and Lucid followed Tesla’s lead and offered steep discounts, Rivian stayed unwavering. But now that the electric truck and SUV manufacturer has cut $3,100 off the base models in anticipation of the release of its more affordable R2, Rivian’s prices are finally starting to budge. Read More

Edmunds analyzed website traffic following the airing of the four car commercials shown during the 2024 Super Bowl. Which models stood out?
Pictured: Kia EV9, Image Source: Kia “Perfect 10”

Few automakers participated in Super Bowl advertising this year, but the ones who did saw notable increases in internet traffic following the airing of their commercials. Only four car commercials were shown during the 2024 Super Bowl, the same number as last year but down from six in 2019. This year’s lineup of vehicle advertisements was comprised entirely of import brands: BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Kia. Read More

For Dealers 

Beyond the manual: why additional preventive maintenance is key for longevity despite OEM recommendations
If you google the average age of a car on the road in America today you will find it’s an astounding 12.5 years and growing! I am in dealerships every day and when I pull data it reveals an average mileage of a customer pay car to be nearly 100K MILES! By and large, people are focusing on longevity and keeping their cars longer and longer. Unfortunately, when it comes to maintaining our vehicles, the owner’s manual is often our go-to resource, providing a roadmap for routine maintenance and service intervals.  Read More

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