Today on CBT News, Aaron Bickart, EVP and general manager of OfferLogix, joins the show again to discuss how API and fintech can address issues within the automotive industry. Bickart is a recognized senior leader with OfferLogix, entrepreneur, and award-winning sales and marketing professional with over 30 years of success in the industry. 

Bickart opens the conversation by addressing how fintech can power your advertising tech. He says that fintech within the automotive industry is very complex, saying that advertising tech needs to be connected to a form of fintech such as OfferLogix. This will help build efficiency and the ultimate consumer experience.

Bickart says that “perfect penny payments” is a term used to describe the exact price consumers are looking for when they are interested in a vehicle. He says that transparency is a vital tool for dealers looking to build trust with consumers. He says that OfferLogix technology enables dealers to provide that level of transparency that is required to keep consumers engaged with the business. 

Bickart says that automotive vendors have their own unique set of challenges they are facing in the current climate of the industry. Every vendor is doing what’s necessary to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic, and is looking ahead with high hopes for a brighter 2021.

Bickart concludes the conversation by explaining how Offerlogix is helping advertising tech agencies set up real-time payments across all media channels. He says that the OfferLogix solution creates an easy method of sharing information in a robust system. He says that the best way for dealers to understand how useful OfferLogix can be is to connect with the company and sign up for services. For more information, visit

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