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5 benefits of employing individuals on the Autism spectrum at your dealership

Many individuals on the autism spectrum have excellent attention to detail skills, which can be incredibly useful when trying to problem-solve at work.

The negative stigma surrounding neurodiversity in the workplace has begun shifting and for good reason. There are many benefits of hiring employees on the autism spectrum, as these individuals bring a lot of skills and professionalism that can be extremely useful for a company’s success. Employers who have embraced a neurodiverse workforce have observed that their employees with autism have a retention rate of over 90%, according to research from the Training Industry. Here is a brief look at some of the strengths these individuals have and how they are intertwined with the auto industry.

Attention to Detail

Many individuals on the autism spectrum have excellent attention to detail skills, which can be incredibly useful when trying to problem-solve at work. They are able to truly focus on the issue at hand and come up with solutions that have not been thought of yet. These individuals tend to analyze all aspects of a problem in great detail, allowing them to devise new answers and an ultimate solution. Attention to detail also typically equates to fewer mistakes and therefore a lower need for corrections, which is especially important in the F&I and maintenance/repair departments.


People on the autism spectrum are often thought of as very creative, whether that be in problem-solving as mentioned above, or in terms of art and design. This can really come in handy in the marketing department, as these individuals are great at taking or creating photos and designing advertisements as well as websites and other print and digital media.

Dependability and Loyalty

Unreliable employees and high turnover rates can undoubtedly lead to the downfall of any business. Companies have historically been unwilling to hire people on the autism spectrum, but this has begun to shift rapidly as employers realize that people with autism are extremely dependable. Individuals on the autism spectrum are typically also very loyal, both in personal and professional contexts, so they will show up and do their best every day. They strive to work with people productively and stay out of workplace “drama,” which also makes them great teammates.


We are always looking to diversify companies, and hiring people with autism is a great way to do it. Neurodiverse people often have unique quirks that many customers can relate to, and these individuals can also really energize a workplace. While some people on the autism spectrum do struggle with social interaction, the majority of them actually do not, and they can be extremely lively and create a more positive environment for an entire team.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Consumers love businesses that have a social purpose, and hiring individuals on the autism spectrum is often a well-received one. Both consumers and job seekers consistently report that businesses having some sort of a social purpose is important to them, and it gives businesses a more positive overall image. Consumers may be more likely to support a business, and skilled job seekers would likely be more inclined to go through the application process. This is, of course, a win-win situation for any company.

There are many groups in the auto industry that are placing an emphasis on autism awareness. This includes Ford, which has been operating its FordWorks program for seven years and uses it to seek and hire neurodiverse employees through means other than the traditional hiring channels. Typically, this involves working with a Ford partner, Upbound at Work, which helps prospective employees sign on for a contract-to-hire position.

The Krause Auto Group also advocates for those on the autism spectrum by celebrating Autism Awareness Month in April. The Krause family has personal experience with autism and donates money from each sale throughout the month to The Lionheart School, which offers unique learning modalities and therapies for kids with autism.

Swope Toyota in Kentucky is involved in the Autism Friendly Business Initiative, which works to increase the public’s understanding of autism and conducts outreach to businesses to inform them of the benefits of hiring people on the autism spectrum. In 2016, Lexus of Naperville opened its Inspire Cafe, which solely hires individuals with autism who, unsurprisingly, are able to conduct all business operations by themselves.

In February of 2023, Naperville’s Turning Pointe Autism Foundation was chosen to be a host and beneficiary at the Chicago Auto Show.

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Kimberly Hurley
Kimberly Hurley
Kimberly Hurley is a contributing writer and investigative journalist for CBT News, with over a decade of experience specializing in automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing. She enjoys working with industry professionals throughout the world to develop engaging, and accurate content.

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