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New and used sales, Buick’s last ICE, new VW flagship

Inside Automotive

Mark Mears Ryann FerreroHow solar power could help dealers make money during the EV shift – Mark Mears, Ryan Ferrero
On this edition of Inside Automotive we take a look at the ‘why’ behind an ongoing shift towards energy efficiency options and independence at dealerships. To tell us more, host Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Mark Mears, general manager and partner of Parkway Honda,  and Ryan Ferrero, the director of auto industry electrification at Freedom Solar. Watch full segment here.

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new and usedNew sales reports suggest that vehicle prices in all markets are starting to fall. According to Cox Automotive, average used-car listings dropped slightly from $26,250 to $26,213 in March, even as supply hit its lowest point since 2019. In the same period, the average transaction price for new vehicles dropped from $48,558 to $48,008, while inventory reached its highest level in two years. These discounts may be behind the market’s improved sales numbers, as both new and used cars saw increased demand over February. Read More


General Motors has revealed Buick’s last gas-powered model, the Envista Crossover. The vehicle’s base version comes at a low price point of $24,495, making it the automaker’s newest entry-level offering. The Envista will also launch with a 136 horsepower engine, along with driver assistance features such as automatic emergency braking. The car is Buick’s final fuel-consuming entry before the arrival of its first all-electric product in 2024. GM plans to be an EV-only automaker by the end of the decade, and has set aside billions to build a new domestic supply chain. Read More

Volkswagen ID.7

On April 17, Volkswagen introduced a new flagship sedan which it believes could surpass Tesla’s Model 3 in popularity. The ID.7, the German automaker’s first all-electric model for the upper mid-size class, features a 382-mile range, an augmented reality head-up display and a proprietary driver assistance program. The car’s U.S. Launch is slated for 2024, although sales will open in Europe and China later this year. Read More

tax credit, tax credits, revisionsOn April 18, the Treasury’s latest guidance on EV tax credits will go into effect. According to recent research by NPR, popular models such as the Ford F-150 Lightning and Tesla model Y will retain their full $7,500 incentive, but other best-selling vehicles, such as the Mach-E, Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Tesla Model 3 RWD will see their credits reduced by 50%. The only EV expected to completely lose its qualifying status is the Volvo S60 extended-range edition. Read More

For Dealers

Dealership employees reviewing takeaways from their F&I meetingsHow to make F&I meetings a home run for everyone
Who likes meetings? Not many of you reading this right now have department meetings at the top of your list of fun things to deal with every day at the dealership. Most feel like a waste of time and just another excuse to rehash topics that could be handled in an email. For dealerships, the typical meeting is usually focused on the sales floor to prepare for customers coming to the lot or follow-up from online inquiries. It’s all about getting focused and ready to move units. But what about F&I meetings? Read More

Abstract concept of an individual with autism spectrum disorder5 benefits of employing individuals on the Autism spectrum at your dealership
The negative stigma surrounding neurodiversity in the workplace has begun shifting and for good reason. There are many benefits of hiring employees on the autism spectrum, as these individuals bring a lot of skills and professionalism that can be extremely useful for a company’s success. Employers who have embraced a neurodiverse workforce have observed that their employees with autism have a retention rate of over 90%, according to research from the Training Industry. Here is a brief look at some of the strengths these individuals have and how they are intertwined with the auto industry. Read More

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