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Why your dealership should simplify its F&I offerings to these 6 core products – Adam Marburger

2020 was a rollercoaster ride for many auto dealers. Last March and April, many dealers were concerned that they would have to close their doors permanently, only to experience record-breaking months in May, June, and onward throughout the year. To find out how dealers can leverage the lessons learned in 2020 from an F&I perspective, we sat down with Adam Marburger, president of Ascent Dealer Services.

In years past, the F&I office has been notorious for offering 10 to sometimes even 14 products. Having the F&I manager try to accurately and concisely explain all these products to consumers is a daunting task. It is especially difficult to run through those product offerings virtually, as most dealers are doing nowadays. Marburger recommends simplifying your offerings to 5-6 products that focus on what the consumer wants.

Marburger says,” If you give the consumer too many options, they will choose not to choose. Less is more.”

He adds that none of those products should be sacrificial. Managers should be able to explain those products with great detail and passion. The six core products that Marburger sees selling with high penetration including:

  1. Service contracts
  2. GAP insurance
  3. Protective coatings
  4. Bundle product
  5. Stand-alone wheel and tire product
  6. Pre-paid maintenance

While he hasn’t necessarily seen an increase in PVR from the accelerated use of technology, Marburger says seeing the customer and showing them a product presentation virtually through a face-to-face platform is essential. Many dealers are even putting detailed descriptions of their offerings on their website, which was a ‘taboo’ practice in the industry before.

Adam Marburger has worked in the automotive industry for over 20 years and is also an accomplished mixed martial arts fighter. As president of Ascent Dealer Services, he provides practical F&I solutions and training to dealerships nationwide.

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