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Why a positive company culture is essential for success – John & Katie McCann

You’ve heard it before- not all managers are leaders. On today’s episode of CBT Now, we’re exploring what it truly means to lead an organization, and you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. Joining us now to share more on this topic, as highlighted in their book Leadership & Culture: Why Managers Fail, and Leaders Prevail, are Authors, husband-and-wife team, and the Founders of the consulting firm Green Leaf Leadership, John & Katie McCann. 

Key Takeaways 

1. John and Katie McCann emphasize that a positive company culture is crucial for driving performance and loyalty within an organization. They highlight that employees need to feel valued and a part of the company to be motivated and productive, rather than engaging in “quiet quitting,” where they only do the bare minimum required.

2. John points out several reasons why managers often fail, including the fact that many people do not inherently want to be in managerial positions. Promotions are usually based on job performance rather than leadership ability, and newly promoted managers frequently lack the necessary higher-level support and mentorship.

3. Katie discusses how the role of leaders has evolved, noting that modern leaders bear the responsibility to prioritize employee satisfaction and involve their teams in decision-making processes. This inclusive approach helps employees feel more connected and invested in the company’s success, leading to greater buy-in and more effective implementation of changes. The weight of this responsibility underscores the crucial role of leaders in shaping a positive company culture.

4. The McCanns outline five essential leadership skills needed to create a culture of belonging. They stress the importance of valuing employees, involving them in decision-making, ensuring clear communication, providing support and mentorship, and promoting ethical behavior. This emphasis on valuing employees not only fosters a supportive and engaging work environment but also makes each employee feel appreciated and integral to the company’s success.

5. The interview references the Wells Fargo scandal as an example of how a negative, pressure-driven culture can lead to unethical behavior and ultimately harm a company. The McCanns advocate for authentic leadership that treats employees well, as this positive treatment translates into better customer service and sustainable long-term success. 

"It was pretty clear that it was a culture issue...we wanted to create a book and put it out there so that other leaders could help understand that the organization really needs a positive culture in order to have a successful business." – Katie McCann

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell is a staff writer/reporter for CBT News. She is a recent honors cum laude graduate with a BFA in Mass Media from Valdosta State University. Jaelyn is an enthusiastic creator with more than four years of experience in corporate communications, editing, broadcasting, and writing. Her articles in The Spectator, her hometown newspaper, changed how people perceive virtual reality. She connects her readers to the facts while providing them a voice to understand the challenges of being an entrepreneur in the digital world.

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